Do I Need a Real Estate Agent to Sell My Phoenix House?

If you feel that the only way to sell your house in Phoenix is with the help of a realtor, then we are here to give you a complete insight into the situation before you make a decision. Although, in our experience, we do work with plenty of brokers, from a consumer’s perspective- cutting out the commission cost is always quite helpful.

In a normal sale, you would need to pay off 5-6 % to a realtor which can be a little steep for most house owners. So, just to give you an idea- the average commission for a 200,000 USD house would be somewhere around 12,000 USD. In certain situations, Phoenix brokers and realtors can help- but in a lot of cases; the owner ends up spending quite an amount on commission.

In the following article, we will explore both the sides- pros and cons of getting a realtor on board to sell your Phoenix House. We would also be giving you the alternatives in case you do not wish to go for a realtor to sell your Phoenix house:


Pros of having a Real Estate Agent t to Sell a Phoenix House

If you are contemplating between getting a realtor to sell your Phoenix House or thinking of flipping it yourself, then here are some pros that you can consider when it comes to having a real estate agent on board: 

When it comes to selling your Phoenix house in particular, a realtor would be aware of the Arizona laws and would be able to align the sale accordingly. With the right consultant on board, you would save up on a lot of additional management and time investment. This will surely justify the cost of the commission you are paying. 

Cons of Having a Real Estate Agent to Sell a Phoenix House

For a lot of consumers, paying a steep commission is not exactly what they want to achieve with selling their Phoenix house. So, if you are also uncomfortable about getting a certain agent on board, then here are some disadvantages of getting a realtor that you should carefully consider before hiring one:

Additionally, for people who do not trust people easily, having even a single middleman can be challenging. Sure, it is helpful to get a professional on board who can help deal with different professionals but if you are not okay putting out a lot of money, then that help can be a little bit challenging for some customers. 

Alternatives to getting a Realtor on board

Some of the options you can consider apart from getting a realtor on board is by flipping the house yourself. Additionally, you can also consider listing out your property on a listing website. You will get a lot of potential buyers with options like these. To start with, you can just put a for sale sign outside to get some visibility. You can also circulate a simple message to get the leads from your network.


Key takeaways:

If you wish to sell your house without a realtor, then you need to market it quite well. So, putting up fliers as well as signs around your particular neighborhood can bring in some calls for you. Apart from that, we are here for you to list out your property. You can go for any of the aforementioned options but always remember that the cost of marketing and the entire process can be quite challenging too.

But, if you do wish to get started on the project; there are a couple of pointers that you must remember. Start with determining the price. While experts can help you determine the right price, there are plenty of free consultants who do it too. However, the accuracy of their estimation may still be questionable. We also recommend you to use a photographer or prepare your home for showing. You would also need to respond to inquiries and get going on handling the paperwork all the time. Hence, its best to get an expert service at least who can help you with the process if you do not want to spend a fortune on the realtor.